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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mostly Macro

More work assignments today. I'm paying the price for not being able to do any last week with all the snow and road closures. It's interesting with the deep snow, but I'm getting them done.

These are just some details of things I liked. First is a beech nut pod. As in, from a beech tree. The nut is not there-- probably taken for dinner by some small critter. It was all alone in a path. Not a beech tree, or another pod in sight, which made it stand out.

beech nut seed pod

Next is the common ornamental, maiden grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'. I love the look of the plumes against the snow, and when I moved in even closer, things got more interesting.

maiden grass seed heads

maiden grass seed heads

Finally, this is one of those pictures that was a total surprise. It's the wall of a shed that needs painting, so it got a closeup for the insurance company files. But I loved the subtle monochrome hues when I looked at it- cropped out a window and door latch, and... I like it!

weathered gray wood

See Beech Nut
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Lin said...

Very pretty. You can appreciate textures and color against all that white. I guess there is a positive in all that snow, eh?

vanilla said...

Your eye fails not!

vanilla said...

Your eye fails not!

Secondary Roads said...

They're all great shots, but that last one would make an interesting computer wallpaper.

Ann said...

you found the famous traveling beech nut pod :)
I like that ornamental grass and that shed wall would make an awesome texture

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