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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making the Most of the Sun

Today's good news is that the sore throat I've had for a week has let loose its grip, but it turned into a head cold. They sent me home from work early, and I'm going to bed really soon.

Yesterday's sunshine and sunset cheered me enough for two days, so here's a shot from last night as I was driving home.

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Lin said...

Beautiful sunset. :) It's good to see the sun again, eh?

I hope you get feeling better soon. Lots of flu and other ugly stuff going around here too.

Ann said...

Pretty sunset. I hope to see the sun again soon.
A shame a cold had to take the place of the sore throat. Feel better soon

vanilla said...

This page opened and took my breath away. God is good!

Polly Dot said...

What an absolute amazing picture, Joan .... almost worth experiencing the winter for. We live on such a beautiful planet there are so many sights every day that are worth feasting our eyes upon. Could there be anywhere in the solar system or beyond that has such diversity of visions as here on Earth?

rainfield61 said...

Let the beauty cheers you up.

Secondary Roads said...

A scene like that makes one feel good. Even if she has a nasty cold?

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