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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Common Cuties

Actually out and about doing work assignments today. Glad I didn't have too many. (Tomorrow is a different story).

It was nice to see some living creatures, even if they weren't the most spectacular. In fact, both of these animals are pretty much pests. First we have some English or House Sparrows discussing the possibility of some blue sky.

English sparrows

These are alien birds in the US, and because of being introduced pretty much everywhere, are the most widely distributed wild bird in the world.

This fox squirrel didn't want to discuss anything, but he was sure someone had left a sack with some corn in it just for him.

fox squirrel

Fox squirrels are larger than gray squirrels, and are generally bullies. Ann Arbor is overrun with them. I don't see as many of them here, so I hope the populations are more in balance because I love our little grays and the black morphs.

But, as I said, today I was just happy to see some critters moving about.

See Is There a Nut in There?
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Secondary Roads said...

I used to see black squirrels fairly often when we lived in Connecticut.

Ann said...

those little sparrows are plentiful around here but I enjoy seeing them.
The only squirrels I ever spot are the gray ones though

vanilla said...

In this area, it is fox squirrel only. Keep the population under control with autos and electrical transformers.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Sadly our house sparrow which was numerous when I was a girl is now almost a rarity in England, we are doing our best to revive the numbers, strange how birds and animals suddenly struggle to survive.

Anonymous said...

Very promising sights. Can't wait for spring!

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