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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flamingo- A Demure Afternoon Stroll

I had a more serious topic planned, but frankly, I need a little laugh. The wind is HOWLING down the driveway. I'm sure it will be drifted shut yet again. They are already cancelling schools for tomorrow and telling people to leave water dripping.

Before I started this silly flamingo project I had the very mistaken notion that all plastic flamingos were pretty much made from the same mold. That has turned out to be wildly incorrect. Even among plastic ones, I don't think I've found two alike unless they were in the same lawn- probably purchased as a set. Who knew?

I think this lovely lady (and she certainly appears to be a demure lady) is taking her afternoon constitutional through the neighborhood.

lawn flamingo

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Lin said...

She IS a beauty! I don't see many of those around here... Weirdville is a tad more partial to garden gnomes...

but I do enjoy me a pink flamingo.

poor thing...probably freezin' to death. :(

Ann said...

She's a welcome flash of color in an otherwise white and frozen world :)

Secondary Roads said...

Look like the neighborhood is going the ... ah ... birds.

This morning found are driveway drifted shut. Heavy winds and blowing snow give no promise of short term relief. Our travel plans for the rest of the week have been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen one of those in ages! Either I don't get out much or people around here don't buy them.

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