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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Call Me a Liar for an Inch

I've been telling everyone that the snowbank at the end of the driveway is taller than I am. Well, today I decided to prove it, and instead proved that I'm a liar. I think. Maybe it's just the angle. Maybe. Do you think I can get away with saying that?


Here's the long shot. I can't seem to keep it open any wider than that.

driveway snowbanks

See And So It Continues
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Anonymous said...

It is just that some more snow came down yesterday so you are now standing on an inch more in the dive!

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

"Truth" is often subjective … so don't sweat it!

In any event, that's A LOT of snow.

John said...

No snow here yet despite the forecast being for 100 days of snow, arctic conditions, etc :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure at some point it was taller than you. At any rate, that's crazy.

Secondary Roads said...

To my right (your left), the bank looks to be taller than you. In any case, I wouldn't call you a liar for what is [perhaps] a tiny difference.

vanilla said...

I think the snowbank is a little taller than you are.

Ann said...

I think it's very possible that it's just the angle of the picture, either that or the snow pile is slouching :)
Either way, that is way too much snow

Lin said...

Be careful pulling out of your driveway--that looks dangerous.

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