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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Shroud of Turin- What Do You Think?

I'm a bit of a Shroud junkie, if that's not a sacrilegious term. I've read several books on the topic, seen several specially produced programs, and even got to see the traveling exhibit that came to the United States about 1993 or 1994. It included a replica of the cloth and a lot of various photos and interpretive displays.

However, I had not seen this program, produced by the BBC in 2011. It's very impartial and fascinating, and I learned a couple of new things about the Shroud. (It's an hour long, but worth it if the topic interests you.)

My faith does not in any way depend on whether this piece of fabric is the genuine burial cloth of Jesus. And yet, wouldn't it be something if it really were?

All of the forensic science that we've come to associate with modern detection might eventually force the conclusion to be drawn that this is from a genuine, first century, Roman crucifixion. I suppose one couldn't scientifically prove who was wrapped in it. And yet, we easily accept other types of evidence for other historical figures.

And the mystery remains- no one yet has come up with a possible hypothesis for how the image could have been forged.

Don't misinterpret what I'm saying. I don't need artifacts from the crucifixion or other relics to bolster what I believe. But simple logic dictates that some must exist.

Spent most of the day editing the next Anastasia Raven book. Off to work soon.

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Ann said...

I didn't watch the whole thing but fascinating

rainfield61 said...

I won't comment before I have watched that.

Happy weekend.

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