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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Peacock, First and Last

The very first place I went today had a handsome peacock.


The sunlight really caught his feathers in this shot.


The (next to) last place I went was on Peacock Trail. Yes it passes through the village of Peacock where I've taken you before.

peacock trail street sign

A nice set of bookends for the day's assignments.

See Renewed Spirits Ranch
See A Tour of Peacock
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Lin said...

Oh, cool! Do they like the cold weather?

Ann said...

A fine way to start and end the day. I think peacocks are fascinating

Karen and Gerard said...

Peacocks are so pretty! The Cleveland zoo used to have some that walked around free but not anymore. I miss them!

Secondary Roads said...

A friend and neighbor who lives a mile south of us has one that we see in her yard from time to time.

catskillblogger said...

How fun!

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