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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

English Muffins

A LONG time ago, I used to make English Muffins, and I decided it was time to do it again. I forgot a few things, and thanks to the internet, I think I'll do one thing differently next time. Here we go...

Roll the dough 1/4 inch thick. I didn't get it consistent enough. You really don't want it thicker or they are too thick to cook all the way through.

making English Muffins

I forgot to sprinkle corn meal on the trays before I let them rise. I'll remember next time. It's not required, but I like it.

making English Muffins

Bake on an ungreased griddle. These are small. I couldn't remember which size cutter I used, but now I know it was the biggest one I have, one larger than the one I used here. They rise up, but not out very much.

making English Muffins

Split by sticking a fork in the edges all around and they will just pull apart.

making English Muffins

Add butter. Since this was hot off the griddle I didn't toast it, but I will in the morning.

making English Muffins

I used the recipe I had used years ago, which calls for milk, but all the recipes on the internet use water. I think I'll do that next time. I also want to use more whole wheat flour, but only had a little bit (have to go shopping), so these are mostly white.

The trickiest part was to get the griddle the right temperature to brown them nicely in the same time needed to cook all the way through.

Definitely need to do another batch to get the hang of them again, but although they aren't perfect, they are dad-gummed good.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Those look really delicious!

Ann said...

yum, I like english muffins

Duxbury Ramblers said...

What can I say Joan I am biased - love English muffins.

Secondary Roads said...

They surely do look yummy!

Unknown said...

These look amazing!! Can you share the recipe for the dough?

RNSANE said...

They look yummy but I would like whole wheat or multigrain ones the best.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to get my husband to give these a shot. He's the "bread savvy" one in the relationship.

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