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Monday, March 3, 2014


This is a fake! OK, the sunset is real, but it was on December 28, not anywhere near today's date.

train layout sunset

The building is fake. It's a model on my train layout (my very dusty, very neglected train layout, that should be broken down and packed away until I can afford to play with it again).

It's somewhat fakey in that I didn't even go outside, but shot the picture through the window. (Of course, I couldn't have taken this picture by going outside.) What looks like it might be a utility pole by the building is one of the window dividers.

But it's almost believable, isn't it? NOT. The picture is not supposed to be all pixelated and broken up. But it won't display any other way. And, I just discovered, that wherever Google is now putting the images is not in the Picassa album where it used to, and I can't find it. To quote Charlie Brown, "Gaaaaaaahhhhhh!"

Here's the photo I wish were the best fake. But it's not because I have a plexiglass edging around the train table (it was a barrier against cats and small visiting small children's fingers when we had those issues). The sunset was changing too quickly for me to have any chance of removing the plexiglass so it didn't cut through the picture.

But, except for that, I love how you can just see some of the detail on the "stone" building, and I really like how the light is shining through the windows.

train layout sunset

Today just wasn't a picture day. I did a bunch of computer stuff and some more knitting, and I'd been wanting to share these ever since I took them, so today was the day.

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Lin said...

Wow! You has a fancy train set!

Love the effect though...looks real enough.

jean pell said...

This does look real. Love the idea of having a train to play with. :)

Look under your Google+ account. Bet you will find your photos there. They have added a photo section.

Ann said...

that must be a really nice train set. Love the looks of that building and that sunset behind it sure is pretty

Secondary Roads said...

In a private e-mail, I've sent you directions on how to locate your image online. Neat pix!

John Sealander said...

Nice layout buildings! Hope you get your trains running again. I've had to pack my entire layout away and I doubt I'll ever have the time or energy to put everything back together.

RNSANE said...

Isn't it a shame when having so much work interferes with fun? What a great train set!!!

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