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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wind, and Inspired by Stew

The wind was brutal today. I didn't look up the windchill, but my ears were still tingling an hour after I got home (and that's with wearing a hood). How does one show the wind in a still photo?

This one might work.

corn stalks

This one for sure.

wind turbines
How about this one? And this is where I begin to be inspired by Stew. He showed us Views Around the Valley, which included some big snowbanks they still have. Here's one of ours. This is a road that drifts completely shut unless they bring in front end loaders to keep scooping the snow up into piles.

snowbank on March 12

No wind obvious in this one, but Stew also pictured an apple orchard. Here's one from me. This isn't the picture I want to show you, but the only really good vantage point I've found for that is on the freeway. I may have to stop anyway if the light is right next time I go by. Despite the snow and cold, the twigs are beginning to get reddish- a sign of spring. And the farmers were out today, pruning the branches. Have to keep the trees trimmed just right so they can be picked by machine.

apple orchard in winter

See Where the North Begins and the Fine Fruit Grows
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Lin said...

I dunno...I don't think it's ever gonna be warm again. :( We got 6" of snow last night--it's so darn depressing.

Ratty said...

Those pictures definitely look windy. Spring is getting closer than everyone thinks. I've been lucky here. We have no snow and now it's finally warming up.

Ann said...

The wind was horrible here yesterday. Hopefully things have calmed down a bit today.
Sure hope those trees know what they're talking about because I'm so sick of winter it's not even funny

Secondary Roads said...

I love the wind in the corn field shot. That gives me the feeling you were describing with words. Keep warm.

vanilla said...

Those are some win-chargers. I think the cornfield shot best characterizes the wind story.

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