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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pastel or Deep Tones- Your Choice

Went and hung out with Loretta for a while today, which included taking in the sunset across Lake Michigan at the Pentwater Channel.

The long shot has a lonesome, pastel sort of wistful beauty.

sunset Pentwater

But when I zoomed in, it all became very dramatic.

sunset Pentwater

It sure was nice to see the sun.

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Loretta said...

WOW! dramatic is right...love the framing by the trees...outstanding shot. You jumped out of the car just in time :)

John said...

Amazing view. When I imagine myself exploring snowy landscapes, they look something like this.

Ann said...

That is a beautiful sunset, I like how it's framed by the trees.

Karen and Gerard said...

Personally, I like the deeper tones better. Amazing what a zoom can do! Both are beautiful!

RNSANE said...

Both shots are beautiful, Joan, but, wow, close up is really spectacular.

catskillblogger said...


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