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Thursday, March 13, 2014


These pictures are ones I took earlier in the week, but they work perfectly for today.


I've mentioned here, a couple of times, that one of my childhood nicknames was "The Little Thundercloud." If left to my own self-serving philosophies, I'd be a dark, brooding, tenebrific hermit. Some of my favorite songs reflect that, not because it's the way I live my life, but because they express how I often feel.

Simon & Garfunkel's "Patterns" makes the list of gloomy, even hopeless favorites. I won't list all the words, because the point of this post isn't to be depressing. Just the opposite. But here is one phrase: "My eyes can dimly see the pattern of my life and the puzzle that is me."

I spent the morning with a good friend who listens to me even when I can't seem to get things quite right the first time. No pat answers, trite sentiments, or pushing me to come to the right solutions. Encouragement, questions to help me clarify my thoughts, prayer, and a hug, helping me to put that puzzle together.

You can't get a better quality day than that.


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Ann said...

I like those patterns. Everyone should have a friend like yours, they are a rare gem.

vanilla said...

Putting together the puzzle that is life is an unending proposition. Assistance definitely required!

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