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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Which Way DId He Go?

This hasn't been a good winter for tracks. A few years ago I brought you lots and lots of them, but the conditions were different. However, I have a few today.

First is a really large deer print in the mud. It doesn't have to be a buck when you see those rear toes, but it does have to be a large/heavy deer. I'm thinking this was probably a buck. Look at the size! My feet are small for a human, but still. Wowzers!

deer track

I just thought this was funny. Which way did he go? Actually I just pictured one set of tracks going in each direction, but the fact that they are together makes it look like the squirrel jumped straight up and did a 180!

squirrel track

Remember, the squirrel hops, and puts back feet (big ones) in front of the smaller front feet. What kind of squirrel? No way to be sure just from the tracks, but they are pretty big, so I'm guessing fox squirrel. Here's a nice shot that shows more detail of the pads and nails.

squirrel track

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Lin said...

I love footprints in the snow. My favorite are opossum---they look like little handprints.

Ann said...

Wow that deer print is big. Funny with the squirrel. Maybe it's the latest in squirrel dancing

Secondary Roads said...

That had to have been one huge deer. I've never seen tracks that big before.

RNSANE said...

Too bad you didn't see the deer that made those huge tracks.

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