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Friday, March 28, 2014

Fossils on the Way

At a rest area in southern Indiana, there was a large rock with a bunch of fossils in it, and an interpretive sign about the Falls of the Ohio State Park where there is a 200-acre Devonian fossil bed visible when the water is low. Wow! How had I never even heard of this? Of course, now I want to go see more than just this one sample. Here are a few of the fossils.




Here is one more picture of a couple of old f....riends. Don't even think it.


(This is a reflection in a window. Worked out OK, I think, except we made the rookie mistake of looking at the screen instead of the window.)

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RNSANE said...

The old fossils and the two with gray hair are most interesting.

Loretta said...

But, neither of those lovely ladies has gray hair!? :)

Secondary Roads said...

I wouldn't have . . . if someone had planted a suggestion. And anyway, it doesn't fit.

Polly Dot said...

Oh no Joan, surely this has to be a new hobby calling for your attention. Absolutely thrilling and so very interesting. I spot a possible book surrounding it too. I have a few fossils - nothing spectacular but the thrill is still ever present when you touch something that is millions and millions of years old and just wonder about it all.
Lovely pictures and so very interesting.

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