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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Baby, Sing to Me

I'm not a very good birder. But I knew enough to know that I saw one yesterday I didn't recognize. I did manage to get a picture that's in fairly good focus, and it looks like a juvenile something.

juvenile thrush

After that, I'm done. The thought crossed my mind that it might be getting spots on its throat. I sent the picture off to the local bird guru, Dave Dister.

He says it's a young thrush, either a Hermit Thrush or a Wood Thrush. Both have spotted throats. In either case, I love to hear them sing. They are pretty elusive... usually seen but not heard. I've only ever seen a few adults (remember, I'm not a great birder).

I'm happy to have seen this one, and captured it in pixels.

See a fledgling blue jay
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Ratty said...

I'm glad somebody was able to identify it for you. I see so few birds around here that I'd be surprised to see one like that here.

Ann said...

aside from the gold finch, cardinal and blue jay I can't identify birds. Glad you have a local bird guru to help you out :)

Secondary Roads said...

Not much of a birder here, either. I do enjoy listening and identifying the species.

Lin said...

Oh, good catch! I love it when I spy something new in our yard. We get a lot of unique birds passing through because we are very close to the canal. I spend a lot of time looking at the birds at our feeder to see if someone new is there.

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