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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Looking for Orchids

So, I went for a walk this evening in hopes of finding the Rattlesnake Plantain in bloom. I couldn't find it at all! Hunted all the places I see the leaves in spring, and found none, blooming or not. Maybe it's having a bad year.

Here's what I did find:

The Pere Marquette River- always a beautiful place.

Pere Marquette River

Several puddles of Northern Maidenhair fern. One of my favorites.

Northern Maidenhair fern

A dark little toad, trying to hide. And if I'd showed you a longer shot you would have said he was pretty successful.


Light through the trees. I love scenes like this.

light in forest

And one little pink mushroom. No idea what it is except cute.

pink mushroom

I was walking the North Country Trail from Upper Branch Bridge to 40th St and back. About 3.5 miles total. I'm glad I waited till evening because it was pretty hot (for me) here today. Not bad in the evening, although I was still soaking wet when I got back to the car. (and no, I didn't fall in the river, haha!)

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Ann said...

You found some good stuff. Love the fern and the toad does blend in pretty well.

vanilla said...

These pictures are great. Thank you. And Happy Shark Week to my favorite Sharkey!

Lin said...

Wow, you certainly have some great shots today.

Love the toad! I love when you find good stuff on hikes for us to see.

Secondary Roads said...

Hot here too. Light through trees is a winner!

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