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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Killdeer II

"Caught" one of my favorite birds today, the killdeer. It didn't seem to be trying to lure me away from a nest, but was just walking across this lawn.


Still have work to do, so this has to be short tonight. Long day, but I got to spend some of it driving back roads, it was sunny but not too hot. Can't complain about that!

See Killdeer for another one in 2012
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Ratty said...

I like killdeers. Every time I see one I realize I forgot what they're called. I still remember them from the last time I saw them each time though.

Secondary Roads said...

Her eggs have hatched and the babies are on their own. Now it's "empty nest syndrome."

Ann Thompson said...

I don't see these too often any more but when I was growing up there was an empty lot next door that we always saw them in

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