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Friday, July 10, 2015

Farm Country

I love living in farm country. There is great pride shown in the neat fields (mature asparagus here) and the barns and pastures. Good honest work. Just liked the haze over the far hills.


Off to work for the night.

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Ann Thompson said...

Beautiful view. I honestly don't know how people can stand living in big cities.

Secondary Roads said...

I love living in farm country. The mature asparagus in our beds has ferns up to seven and a half feet tall.

vanilla said...

Have never seen more than a patch of asparagus. But we have plenty soy beans!

Lin said...

How beautiful! City life, while loud, busy and crowded, has its own benefits--but I think I would like to try country living for awhile. I think I would miss all the amenities though.

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