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Saturday, July 4, 2015

You Have to Look Closer

I went out in the field today to collect some small milkweed buds for dinner (they are yummy). Just looks like a messy overgrown weed patch, right?

overgrown field

I nearly missed my chance for that treat this year. The flowers are beginning to open. But I found a few tight buds I could harvest. Milkweed is so common, but so beautiful.

common milkweed

Hunting for small buds, I was pleased to find several of these guys- Monarch caterpillars. Don't worry. There is so much milkweed in this field, and I took so few buds, I'm not endangering the butterflies.

Monarch caterpillar

I filled my container and was headed back for the house when I spotted this bud that I could have harvested. But there was something more interesting on the plant. Can you find them?

milkweed plant

Which do you prefer, tails or heads? Two fresh little grasshoppers waiting for the right moment to check out the world beyond their doorstep.



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Loritenor said... the face of that little one. Fabulous capture!

rainfield61 said...

Oh no, my Mr Grasshopper has migrated to your garden.

Tony Payne said...

Beauty is often in the little things. You would have missed all that if you were driving, that's one reason why I love walking.

Ann said...

Good eye. With their color they blend in easily. Love that last shot. It looks like a very inquisitive grasshopper.

Secondary Roads said...

It took a while to spot the second hopper, and that with your assistance.

vanilla said...

Two little Green Guys at once! But I am distracted only so long-- I still want to know how you prep the "buds."

Lin said...

SWEET! Love the monarch caterpillar and the grasshoppers.

We used to raise monarchs in the backyard, but my milkweed was decimated by milkweed bugs. I'm not sure how I can keep them off my milkweed and still keep it available for the monarchs.

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