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Saturday, July 18, 2015


The Ludington Writers offered a workshop this weekend on writing plays. A topic in which I am very interested. Despite a serious lack of sleep, I'm so glad I went. Here's our group. I know... it just looks like a bunch of people, but action shots of people pushing pens and flipping papers really aren't an improvement.

Ludington Writers

We each had to turn in a one-act play of about 10 minutes length. We spent the weekend discussing them and working on making improvements. Mine is called Kiss of the Butterfly, and it needs a little work, but I actually think it turned out pretty well.

The weekend ended with an evening where several of us read excerpts from things we had written. I did a couple of scenes from the play. After that, the leaders of the workshop, who are award winning playwrights, read two of their (short) plays, a couple poems, a short story, and Arnie sang.

Here they are, Arnie Johnston and Deborah Percy.

Ludington Writers

Ludington Writers

Bed next...soon

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Ann said...

That's a nice size group. Sounds like fun. So will we all be going to a Broadway opening of your play one day?

Secondary Roads said...

Great that you were able to attend this event. It must have been a terrific experience.

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