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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Remember the Net?

Remember that net on a truck I showed you in Catching the Net? In that post I explained the pumped storage project a bit, too.

I drove that road the other day and now I can show you more precisely what that net is all about.

First of all, please note that this is a panoramic shot, stitched together from five photos. That should say something to you about its size. There is a red truck parked by the blue building that will give you some additional perspective. You can enlarge the picture

Ludington Pumped Storage Project

The net encircles the entire area from shore to shore. In this shot, I've marked it with a yellow line because in a small composite picture, it's hard to see.

Ludington Pumped Storage Project

Apparently it reduces the number of fish that get sucked in sufficiently to keep everyone happy, because they continue to put it out every summer, and take it in every winter, which has to be a huge expense.

While I was taking these pictures and watching, something interesting happened. Stay tuned!

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Ratty said...

That's pretty interesting. I've never seen anything like this big net. I can't wait to see what happened.

Ann said...

Wow, that's one huge net. I imagine that has to be quite a job putting it out there and then bringing it in come winter.

Secondary Roads said...

Is this a build-up for Shark Week?

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