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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two-and-a-Half Plus

This silly yard project was a ridiculous thing to start... except... it's practically free (I did buy a new tool for only $16), it's great exercise, and it's as good as racquetball for working off frustration and aggression. Well, space three is huge. More than twice the size of either 1 or 2. So, I bring you 2 1/2.

yard work

I thought the weed whacker wouldn't whack very well if the grass was wet. (say that three times fast). But I was wrong. It worked fine, and I finished this space (I certainly didn't do all this today). Here's what happened. I was going to do all these jobs tomorrow, and do cases today. But it was pouring when I left the paper job, so I came home. But then the rain stopped. That meant I needed to do these things today and cases tomorrow.

I'm working on my autumn list. One item was to get the kayak up off the ground. And that space had to be whacked too.

kayak on rack

Next was the biggest job I did, but the pictures don't do it justice because the extent of the dead limbs are all tangled in the grass. This autumn olive tree (grrr) had died and fallen beside the driveway. We kept backing into the stupid small branches. I cut the whole thing out and dragged the branches to the other side.

yard work

You can see the huge pile of them behind the tree if you compare the two.

yard work

And, I shook the one tree that has decent apples this year, until no more would come down. But this will take a while to deal with anyway.


YOU kept me motivated to go back out after taking a breather between work sessions, so I could bring you a good report. Thank you!

And, I did it all before sunset (well, duh, it's hard to work outside in the dark). Actually, if I'd had the camera with me when I was getting the last bucket of apples the sky was an amazing clear pink. But that scene will have to just remain in memory.


Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, and now, I'll be out doing cases, so I may be able to bring home pretty pictures for you.

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vanilla said...

Your day wore me out just thinking about it.

Ann said...

do I see some applesauce in the near future? Or maybe some apple pies?

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