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Friday, July 29, 2016

Buck Twothed

Even if you are a large and mighty six-point buck in gorgeous velvet, you can still be caught on camera looking silly.

buck chewing

How did this happen, you ask?

The first requirement is that you provide free snacks in the form of green apples. Be sure plenty of them are in reach of creatures that can stand on two legs, even if four is their preferred mode. (this picture was last night when he had a doe with him.)

buck taking apples off a tree

He took the time to check on what I was doing (even at a very long camera range) with the apple still in his teeth.

buck with apple in mouth

Then chewing can commence.

So I came to the other side of the house, and junior size was prancing through the back yard. Even though he's only about half the size of the big guy, he's got four points. But I think he doesn't know what being a buck means yet. He didn't even pretend to be in charge.

small buck

Sorry about the quality of some of the shots, but at least I got something with which to tell the story.

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Secondary Roads said...

I enjoy those pic and your story too. We rarely see deer with antlers.

Jean Knill said...

It was a lovely story, Joan.

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