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Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Late Summer Favorite

Either this is blooming early this year, or we've made it to late summer while it's still technically July.

Here is the beautiful cardinal flower. I've shown you this before, but its stunning color is always good for a smile. When you are walking through a shady woods, in a wet place, don't be surprised to see a fiery stalk of flowers so exotic they look like they came from a tropical isle.

cardinal flower

I think the color was even brighter than the picture shows. They really are amazing.

cardinal flower

Funky buds, too.

cardinal flower

And look at those flowers! Note the weird little "wire" with a tube hanging above the bright petals. That's the business part of the flower. The petals are only about attraction.

cardinal flower

This was just over by the cemetery pond. I went there again today for a different reason, and you'll see the results of that effort tomorrow. Stay tuned!

See One Cardinal Flower
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Secondary Roads said...

They certainly do have that exotic look to them.

Jean Knill said...

From a distance this looked just like a red hot poker. I used to have them in my last garden. Close up though it was completely different. But really beautiful.

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