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Monday, July 25, 2016

Views of the Day

I had to go to Grand Rapids today, and of course couldn't chance being late, so the interstate was my route going there. However, coming home I got to play one of my favorite games... just take a road going in the right direction and see where I end up.

There was one stop I had to make on the way, so the road had to wander there, but it wasn't time constrained, so I had a blast.

I loved this small wetland beside the road.


And you know I found a couple of really good back roads. This is 132nd Avenue (between Pierce and Baseline if you are local and care). These pretentious names on seasonal roads always crack me up.

back road

Another stop at the White River was on the agenda. I needed to collect information for my newspaper column.

White River

And finally, I discovered another place to get a nice view. This is on 128th Avenue, just south of Clock Rd, looking north.


This is two-week old news now, but I quit the job that had me driving all over several counties. Increasing constraints with no increase in pay... anyway. So, I won't be out and about as often, unless it's for something I want to do.

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Ratty said...

These are beautiful scenes that I don't really get around here. there aren't nearly as many trees, and the water is strangely different. I need to share that difference sometime so I can explain it better. These things always make me miss the nature in Michigan.

Ann said...

more constraints without a pay increase does not make for a happy worker.
Love the view in that last picture

Secondary Roads said...

I like your style. I used to drive back roads home from work on Fridays. Always found something of interest. You seem to have honed those adventure-finding skills to a very fine edge.

RNSANE said...

How beautiful your area of the world is! I love all the pretty water scenes.

RNSANE said...

How beautiful your area of the world is! I love all the pretty water scenes.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a lovely day, Joan. They are gorgeous pics. You will miss the trips, but as you say, more scope for getting out when and where you want to.

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