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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Buckeye Trail- Akron Points 25- 31

The last hiking day for this trip, and it was all over too soon. The temperature wasn't as bad as the day before, which was awesome enough, and most of the trail was shaded as well. We did get out early, and with a latrine at the trailhead there was no potty crisis (probably TMI, but these things are critical to hikers!). I finished hiking at 2 pm. The day was defined by the canal, since I was on the towpath trail the entire day.

This is just a study in cool greens at the waterway's edge.

study in green

I met Marie for early lunch at Canal Fulton, which is where we discovered the canal boat ride. We checked on times and made a reservation for the 2:30 run, which was the last regular one of the day. (There was an evening theater ride, "Death on the Canal," by a local author. That would have been fun, but it was more money and later than we wanted to stay.) The interpreter was very good, covering a lot of history in an interesting manner. He also played banjo and harmonica! The city is 102 years old, and had this plaque made for their centennial.

Canal Fulton centennial plaque

Lock 4 is complete with water gates and is in working order. It's where the boat ride turns around, although they no longer put boats through the lock (that was a little disappointing, although I've been through a lock at Grand Rapids, Ohio). With the lockkeeper's house restored, and people nearby, even fishing, it looks much as it would have almost 200 years ago except for the clothing and stroller!

Lock 4

Commentary on the canal would not be complete without showing you one of the mile markers which dot the way.

canal mile marker

Almost quicker than seemed possible I reached the end of the Akron map and the corner we hiked past on the Massillon map two years ago.

end of Buckeye Trail Akron section

Yes, of course, we got celebratory ice cream before taking the canal boat ride.

This completes for me what's known as the Little Loop of the Buckeye Trail, and as I figured out a couple of days ago, I only have 194 miles to finish that trail. (In three widely spaced locations.) But you know I've got the itch.

I have more pictures from this hike to share- plants and animals, and one other tour we took. Tomorrow we'll leave off the blow by blow, and go to some other Ohio topics. These are way more interesting than real life right now, anyway!

See Buckeye Trail- Akron 18-25
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Secondary Roads said...

I lie the greens in that first pic. Had greens with supper last night--both beets and lamb's quarters. Balsamic vinegar made them perfect.

The Furry Gnome said...

Just read back through all your Buckeye Trail posts, sounds like a great hike - except for Marie's leg. You're a dedicated hiker! So how did the trailer work out? Get any ideas about how you're going to use it?

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