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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Yet Another Lovely Invasive

It's hard to tell you how much I dislike this plant. It's multi-flora rose, Rosa multiflora. There's a scientific name you can probably get your head around.

It's alien; it's invasive, and it's obnoxious.

multi-flora rose

Seems like I've been combating it for years. Not on my property, thankfully, but it has to be cut and dug out from all the places where native plants are trying to be preserved. It will overrun everything in sight. The same thing applies to trail work because it grows so fast and is so nasty to get caught on it's hard to keep it in check. It's full of thorns and you really have to cover up to work in it.

And yet, it's so pretty. Darn.

multi-flora rose

You can easily see why it's called multi-flora.

See Wrinkled Rose
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Secondary Roads said...

It is pretty and quite nasty too. We have some trying to get started. So far we are [slightly] ahead.

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