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Monday, July 18, 2016

Purple Flowers

There are lots and lots of shades of purple in the flower world. On top of that, some plants have purple leaves and/or stems.

At Stan Hywet they even went for the grand slam and gave you a plant with purple stems, leaves and flowers. This is Penstemon or Beardtongue 'Dark Towers.' A pretty stunning plant for the sun garden.

Penstemon Dark Towers

You know I love the succulents. Here's a little sedum called 'Bertram Anderson' with purple leaves that I covet. The flowers are red and it would be hardy where I live.

Sedum Bertram Anderson

Sometimes it's hard to tell where purple fades off into pink in flowers. But this day lily is nothing but purple. I think it's quite an interesting plant color. It's not really a pastel, but not a dark purple either. The green throats are novel too. It was not labeled as to the exact variety. I actually liked one called Ice Caves. The blooms were way past prime, but it was white with an ice green throat.

purple day lily

Finally, here's a common but beautiful plant with deep purple foliage, usually called Wandering Jew. They are members of the Tradescantia family, and some are variegated. This one is possibly T. pallida. It works great in pots for trailing, or in borders.

Wandering Jew

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1 comment:

Secondary Roads said...

Absolutely love that purple day lily. We enjoy our sedum, and frequently find preying mantis on them in the fall.

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