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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Evening and the Morning and Two Answers

This begins Sunday evening. Yesterday I wanted to share hike pictures so it had to wait a day.

These odd clouds were bubbling up low in the west just at sunset. I assume they were forming over the big lake (Michigan). They just looked odd because the rest of the sky was clear. So at the beach it must have looked like fog.

low clouds

The next morning as I left for my hike, not long after sunrise, this doe seemed to be enjoying the fruits of a magic circle under the tree that did not get frosted.

doe in frost

Now for the answers... First, a reader who had never commented before came up with the answer about the striped aspen leaves. And how perfect that I posted it on Halloween, since the author titled the answer Zombie Aspen Leaves. The reader is Jan from Indiana who writes at Jan's Nature Blog.

And the other answer makes me feel a whole lot better. Matt, the mapping and GIS guy with the North Country Trail Association, pondered my question about the miles. We looked at various maps and discussed the trail. As it turns out, the base map on which the interactive web map for the NCT is overlain, has an extra road that doesn't exist.

I hiked 10 miles, not 7.4! That makes a whole lot more sense to me. When I map-measured my miles I stopped at the second cross "street" (haha- sand woods road). But I actually hiked to what shows as the third road. Now Matt has to fix that, but I only have to cheer! So now my total is suddenly at 88.3 miles. That's much better.

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Secondary Roads said...

I like the doe in the magic circle. No frost here, so the remaining jalapeño is still looking good. Imagine harvesting peppers in November.

Ann said...

oh wow, those clouds do look odd. I wonder what the deer thought of the magic circle. I bet she didn't care so long as she could find something to eat. :)
Hooray for the extra mileage

Unknown said...

Great pics of unusual happenings. Well done for capturing them.

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