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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fall Colors

I'll say it again. I don't think the colors here have been as good this year as in the past two. Seems to me like there was a noticeable absence of reds. Only one of these pictures has red in it. The tree line in the third picture usually has red and bright orange instead of being all varieties of gold.

This is the best of my fall pictures that I haven't already shared. Lots of gold and shades of brown. Not shabby, but not so bright.

As we approach Thanksgiving on this election night when half of the country is going to be angry and unhappy, let's try to remember that our country's governmental system was carefully designed with the idea that the principles for which we stand would be able to survive any one leader. Even ancient Israel survived the alternation of godly and ungodly kings. No matter whom you voted for, please give thanks for our right to have a say-so in the process. For friends and family. For freedom.

Now, just enjoy the pictures. Try to relax. Take a deep breath. Try to neither despair nor gloat. Try kindness and civility.

autumn colors

autumn colors

autumn colors

autumn colors

autumn colors

autumn colors

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Ann said...

Hard not to feel at peace when you're taking in the beauty of the autumn colors

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