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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Season of Thankfulness- House

From now until Thanksgiving this year, I'm going to do a number of posts about things for which I'm really thankful. Some of them may look pretty ordinary, but if I do a blog post about it, I'm really serious about being thankful.

I'm starting with being thankful for having a house. There are an awful lot of people, even in this country, who don't have one, who don't have even an apartment.

I value my privacy and personal space, and I am truly thankful for a house.

The front


and the back


(Part of the front will be the spring roofing project, I'm pretty sure!)

See It'll be a While for the interior
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Ed Zafra said...

What a nice house you have, Joan! I do not know your place but you can only see such type of house in rural areas of the Philippines. How I wish i could build one in my birthplace.

The Furry Gnome said...

Nice to see where you live.

Ann said...

Your house is the same color as mine. I like your covered porch and deck. Something I've always wished I had. I'll just be thankful for having the house though :)

Secondary Roads said...

I particularly like that covered deck and the walk-out area below.

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