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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Season of Thankfulness - Health

Today I'm specifically stating how thankful I am to be in good health. As many of my friends are having more and more difficulties, I'm still in pretty good shape.

This is partly due to good genetics, partly due to the fact that for the most part I like healthy foods better than processed stuff, partly due to enjoying exercise, and mostly due to the grace of God. I really am thankful.

I take no medications of any kind on a regular basis. The only real health issues I have are shoulders that dislocate very easily, and I can not have caffeine as it causes an irregular heartbeat. I think I can live with those.

To me, being able to go out for a hike is just about the best thing to do in the world, and I can still do so, pretty much without any restrictions. Today, I hiked the trail from Piney Ridge Road to Hamlin Dam.

This trail winds between the sand dunes and the south part of Hamlin Lake.

autumn trail

The late afternoon light and comfortable temperatures (mid 50s) sure made for a nice time.

autumn trail

The climb up to the top of the final dune follows a valley which was knee-deep in leaves! Not sure I've hiked in that many leaves before. It was kinda fun.

knee deep leaves

At the top (you've seen this hike before) is the back side of Hamlin Dam.

Hamlin Dam

And the view up the lake was gorgeous today.

Hamlin Lake

I need to be careful to never become complacent about appreciating my ability to visit places like this on foot.

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The Furry Gnome said...

You're lucky if you've still got your health!

Ann said...

I think that being active is a big part of keeping healthy.
That's a lot of leaves you were hiking through. I can just imagine the great noise you made walking through those. That would have been fun

Secondary Roads said...

I love those pix of the woodlands. They evoke very pleasant memories for me. Rains later this week will transform the walk through those leaves. It will be a very different experience to walk through them.

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