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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Ordinary Things

Just want to share a great couple of lines from a P.D. James mystery, of all places. Quite profound. A boy asks a priest about his diary "It's just an ordinary diary then, Father? It isn't about your spiritual life?"

The Father answers," This is the spiritual life; the ordinary things one does from hour to hour."

Cattails are pretty ordinary- yet the rhythm in this spray of winter-bent stalks made me smile.

a spray of winter cattails

Today at work we shared a meal of "humble" vegetables (cabbage, carrot, potato, rutabaga) with a bit of sausage. Cornbread for counterpoint. There's a meal that's been ordinary for multiple centuries. But, with friends and the satisfaction of a rather crazy work morning (that stretched till 2 pm) behind us, the ordinary is elevated to something extraordinary.

boiled dinner in a roaster

cornbread in a square pan

Cattails or soup or printer's ink... if you are looking for meaning, you will find it. If you are working for Someone beyond your own fulfillment or paycheck or for praise, you'll always be satisfied.

Work again tonight- and I need to take my own advice.

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Ann said...

A bit of that soup and some cornbread sure looks good.

Secondary Roads said...

What a profound philosophy of truth in this post. It gives me much to ponder. Thanks.

vanilla said...

This is great! The cattails provide a beautiful picture and the rest of the post makes me salivate. (Just finished last night's cornbread at lunchtime today.)

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