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Friday, September 18, 2020

Back to the Pit

  Finished reading the book I got lost in and got myself back on track. Today I did two more tubs of cement. Got the south wall about a third done. None of the walls is as bad as the one I started the other day. well pit wall

Worked at filling in those big gaps. Probably one more application to those. well pit wall

And I did go to the lumber store and for groceries. Got the 2x4s for the cover. Yes, this time, I am really going to do this right instead of just some make-do fix. Tomorrow, I'll start crafting the little gate over the pipe egress hole.

I have to say again, in case you didn't read the post the other day, I DO know that this looks horrible. I don't care. I just want it to be a little better sealed, and to keep the vermin out. In my defense, I am posting this picture of a block wall that I built 49 years ago. All alone. Not perfect, but not a single crack yet. Didn't realize I was getting an artsy picture with my shadow there, but hey... I like to multi-task. concrete block wall

In other news: I wrote a chapter in The Lonely Donkey, and got the cover artist the info she needs to continue to work on that. Only 3 chapters to go! Still a lot to do after that, but I should have it available by about Oct 15. And now, If I'm good, I'll do something with pears yet this evening. We'll see.

See Two Tubs Today


Ann said...

I think you did a fine job of patching up that wall. I like that picture you took of the block wall. That's a perfect silhouette of you taking hte picture and that circle right over you is perfect placement.

Secondary Roads said...

Life is the pits (sometime). Fortunately, pears don't have pits.

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