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Friday, September 25, 2020

Well, Wall One!

  Things are coming together. It was unpleasantly hot this afternoon, but I took a little break and went back out when it was cooler. Got the second angled wall framed. well pit framing

Then I added the rafters. Only made one mistake, but I was able to fix it with a 2x4. well pit framing

Then I started adding the exterior sheeting. Just this one wall is done. well pit wall

I'm beat. But I really should be able to get this covered before we get rain. Maybe not painted and all, but at least enclosed.

In other news: I FINALLY found out how to finish the top edge of a lean-to shed roof. You'd think that would be mentioned in the hundreds of shed plans that are available. But, anyway, I found instructions. I also finished one piece of the extra materials for The Lonely Donkey, and I made pear muffins. But now I'm d-o-n-e for today.

See Framing and Friends


Ann said...

You never fail to impress me with what you are able to do.

The Barefoot Norwegian said...

I love the ability you possess to complete tasks, write about the process, smile and be so upbeat. You go girl!

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- country kids learn how to do things!

Connie- I see you have discovered several pieces of the NCT

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