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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Celebration

Our celebration for New Year's Eve consisted of fixing the latest iteration of healthy pizzas and having a movie marathon with one friend.

We've been working on perfecting our healthier, low-fat, low-sodium pizzas. After trying four sauce recipes I've found one that we like a lot, and we've settled on a whole-wheat crust recipe. Of course Om still likes meat toppings, and I want my veggies, but that's what mini-pizzas are for! If we rinse the fried, crumbled sausage or hamburger, the same way I do before dehydrating it for backpacking, it reduces the fat a lot. Low-fat cheese tops it all. There is something not quite right yet... maybe just that craving for MORE cheese, but they are pretty close. And they sure are better than no pizza.

We've cut the size once too. Now they are down to about 6" diameter, and although it depends on the toppings one individual pizza is about 450 calories. Not bad!

Oh yeah, we had big fluffy snowflakes yesterday. It was very pretty, but when I take pictures of some of these things that I like they seem to all look pretty much alike. So I pictured the pizzas!

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