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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Treading Softly

We have been plunged into winter over the past week. There are now about two feet of snow on the ground. What's a little mouse to do? Well, this one ran all over the top of the drifts just beyond our terrace. It explored under the edge of the wheelbarrow, popped down beside the posts that support the deck, and took a detour under a bench. But where the snow was only a dusting at the edge of a drift these dear little prints with all the toes were found. I didn't post anything yesterday because I was just a little busy. I had entered the weekly contest on smallaa.com. They are a new social networking site, and they are spending their venture capital to entice users with a weekly contest that offers a significant prize. People had to vote for your post. I put up a link to the North Country Trail News and asked trail supporters (and anyone else I could think of) to vote for it. I pledged to give $1000 to the NCT if we won. I was either in the lead or very close all week, and spent yesterday making calls, sending more emails, and generally trying to get everyone and their cousins to vote. Well, it paid off, and I won! See smallaa So, $1000 will go to NCTA, $1000 to World Vision (they provide fantastic relief efforts around the world), and we will pay some bills and maybe have a treat or two. This isn't the kind of thing that I'm generally looking for to provide quality to my days, but I'm sure not unhappy! Praise God. We are treading softly until the check is actually in the bank, but I have turned in the paperwork, and have a UPS tracking number for the package. Here's how much snow we have. That's not a beached whale, it's the picnic table!

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