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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backyard Birds

Today was gray, but warm and the wind was calm. Perhaps that combination made the birds more willing to pose. I caught all of these pictures today except for the bluebird (obviously... blue sky!) They aren't great shots, but it was fun to see what I "caught" when I looked at the files. The dove was easy to tell, but I wasn't sure of any of the others until I could blow the picture up on the computer. Digital birdwatching!

I'll do the bluebird first- it's the best picture. It's also the bird most featured on this blog, definitely because I like the little charmers so much.

eastern bluebird

All of these birds are common, and will also stay here all winter. Next up is the purple finch. I featured a much better picture of this bird another time (see link below), but I am happy to just see such a variety of feathered friends today.

purple finch

Next up is a male goldfinch in his winter colors- much more drab than summer. I could see a hint of the yellow, and suspected that's what this one might be, but he sure was hiding in those branches.


This little bird, gray on top and white underneath with a pink bill, is a junco. They are common in winter and spend most of their time near the ground.


Finally, another very common bird, but I haven't featured it before. Lots of people really like the mourning doves, but somehow they don't appeal to me very much. A few of them hang around all year too. With the heat and food from the grain elevator they have all they need.

mourning dove

Supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but it's also the first day of gun-deer season. My outdoor activities are going to be limited to hanging out a load of laundry, I think.

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Secondary Roads said...

It sure is great to see blue birds making a comeback! I use to see purple finches in Connecticut, but rarely see them here. House finches and gold finches abound, however.

Ann said...

love watching all the birds. I don't get a huge variety but have seen more in the last year than I normally do. A Junco is one I haven't spotted yet

gallerydarrow said...

I didn't see Western Bluebirds for years but they have rebounded too, we have a small army bathing in the garden every day now for the past few years, I love watching them.

I was out bird watching this morning too!

Rick (Ratty) said...

I think your pictures are great, especially that first one. It's good to see some bird pictures. I've had plenty of birds outside my house, but I never think to have my camera out there with me yet.

Lette's Haven said...

Bird watching is great... It calms you and makes you dream high! Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of seeing it here in the Metro. :(

Lette's Haven

sir rob said...

Many are still wondering why birds don't get electrocuted when they're on high voltage electric wires.

RNSANE said...

Enjoyed the bird show, Joan. I don't see many around my home except sea gulls and we have those by the hundreds.