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Friday, February 10, 2012

Indian Pete Bayou

Just a visit to a local place with an interesting name. This is yet another site on Hamlin Lake, so I'm bringing back the map you've seen before

Hamlin Lake map

Yesterday I had a work assignment just to the left of the number 10. This first picture is looking east toward the upstream end of Upper Hamlin Lake. That's the section of the lake from the "Narrows" (to the left of 10) to 6.

Upper Hamlin Lake

That's just to get you oriented. What I really want to show is Indian Pete Bayou. See the small inlet just to the right of the number 10? That's it! Here's the view back toward the lake from the narrow end of the bayou.

Indian Pete Bayou

There's just a little bit of the bayou behind me. I'm standing on the bridge on Shagway Road. This is a valley that does not have a creek, so its water level depends only on the lake level, which is drawn down for winter. Therefore the part behind me is just mud and ice... not so scenic right now!

So, how did a place in Michigan get a name that sounds like it came from a Mark Twain novel? Here's the deal:

Indian Pete Bayou

The sign reads, "Indian Pete Bayou named after Peter Espiew Ottawa Indian 1830-1925, Carpenter - Trapper - Logger. This memorial erected on land he once owned, by bayou residents and the Mason County Historical Society.

Hope you enjoyed the local tour. Actually, I also learned how the bayou got its name!

See Hamlin Lake for the other points on the map
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rainfield61 said...

Thank you for the free local tour.

The sky is blue.

Secondary Roads said...

An interesting story. I enjoyed it.

Ann said...

My first thought was I wonder how it got it's name. You must have anticipated that :)

Amber Nickleson said...

Im a descendent of his. Googled his name to see what I could learn and it led me to your page. Lovely post and very informative. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Amber- Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Nice to know his memory will live on in more ways than just a sign.

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