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Monday, June 17, 2013

Today in My Backyard

I finished the mowing today... until the next time, which I'm sure will be coming right up. Meanwhile, the yard (and field beyond) was a busy place.

Today the light and clouds made it easy to see the wind turbines that are visible from my house. I can see 7 of the 56 in this wind farm. With the trees fully leafed out, they aren't too visible. Fine with me.

wind turbines

This little buck is determined to own my space. Tonight, at least, he didn't come right up to the house. He faces off and stamps at us. Very cheeky! I've never thought you could tell one deer from another, but I'm thinking this might be one of the twins that were born late 2011. The shape of his nose is odd- sort of curved down- Roman. You can compare with the second picture at Twin Trouble if you want to form an opinion. The black spot over the fawn's eye is not there, but that could have been anything, and not permanent.

young buck

Late in the day, there were storms south of us, and then the sun came out. It's always nice to see a rainbow.


And, the piece de resitance... a new activity, never performed in this yard before...


Loretta is playing in a small charity tournament on Friday, and she wanted to get in some practice!

And, if you'd like to see what I did yesterday... Filling Two Deck Planters with Succulents

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john bain said...

I would love to have a deer visit. I thoroughly dislike windfarms.

mimpi said...

What a beautiful day! Loved the pictures.

Secondary Roads said...

Why is our young friend "cheeky?" Weren't his kind here before our kind? Although I doubt he's aware of that.

Ann said...

The wind turbines don't make for the best landscape view. Glad they aren't too visible there.
Love the deer, wish I was somewhere that we had them come around.
Golf is one of those games that I never really could think of as fun

Lin said...

Ugh. How do you feel about those turbines? Can you hear them? I hear that people who live near them have all sorts of medical problems, but I'm not convinced. I just think they are ugly.

Sharkbytes said...

John- not if they ate everything in sight

mimpi- we have been having quite a few lovely days in a row here. Remarkable! I keep forgetting you have a blog- I'll check in

Chuck- he's cheeky because I was here before he was (in particular) and I don't want to face off with him from 10 feet away when he has 8 points instead of 2 buttons

Ann- I'd like the deer to stay a few feet farther away from my flower beds

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- They are miles away from me. But the people who do live near them here are already filing lawsuits. I don't think they are ugly, but I don't think they have a long enough lifespan to make the expense worth it.

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