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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just a Little More Color

The fall colors are winding down. The oaks are still rich in gold and brown, but many of the leaves are faded and fallen.

Except this small tree. Not only is it holding on to its leaves, but it likes many colors all at once, and one of them is pink!

pink tree

I don't know what tree this is. There are so many things sold as ornamentals, I can't keep up with them all. I blurred this picture a bit just for the dreamy effect of the shifting colors.

pink tree

And when I say pink, I do mean pink.

pink tree

Road trip tomorrow!

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John Sealander said...

Fall colors are just starting down here. I think yours are nicer though...

Ann said...

what colorful tree. I don't know what kind of tree is in my neighbors yard but it doesn't drop it's leaves. They change color but they don't fall off

vanilla said...

Careful on the road now, y'hear?

RNSANE said...

No fall colors here in Mumbai...mostly tropical greens and coconut palms.

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