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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

134 Buckeye Miles

Home again. I don't think I'll take 12 days and give you a blow-by-blow. I'll try to hit some high spots, and if something nifty intervenes at home here, I'll go back and forth. How about organization by topic?

We were hiking on the Buckeye Trail that encircles the state of Ohio. We did the most northeastern section. Here are Marie and me at the northernmost point of the trail, on Lake Erie.

Buckeye Trail

Buckeye Trail

We found a place to basecamp that wasn't high priced, and stayed there for our whole trip. Since we do mostly day-hiking now, we used two cars and put one at our end point every day, drove to the start point, and walked to the other car. Then of course, we had to go back and get the other car.

The camp site was great... just right for us. We got the fly over the table arranged the best ever! High enough to stand under and it drained water well from both sides without puddling.


Instead of eating our evening meal out as many times as we often do when hiking this way, we resolved to be good and cook in camp more. With a car to carry stuff, I didn't have to dehydrate stuff. But I did plan shelf-stable meals with the exception of some things that were fine in the cooler. Packed each meal separately, and we just pulled one from the box to fix each evening. Here's beef stew with dumplings.

stew and dumplings

Now it's back to "real" life.

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vanilla said...

Then you did the trail at least three times, twice by car and once on foot. My head is spinning. I might could do 134 miles, in like 67 days if'n they were all good days. ;-)

Glad you are safely home.

Secondary Roads said...

"Real life." What a drag.

Ann Thompson said...

Welcome back. Looks like nice weather on the day you took these pictures. No fun going back to real life though

Lin said...

There is no meal like that at the camp after a long day of hiking. You certainly plan some delicious meals!

Other than a dry bed, fresh clothes, a hot shower and a flush toilet--I don't think there is much else I miss when I am camping.

The Furry Gnome said...

Looking well organized! Going to show us a map?