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Friday, June 12, 2015

New Friends

One thing about hiking where you are spending time on roads is that you are likely to interact with people. We got to know two couples well enough that we might keep in touch.

Our first day we went to the house next to the driveway to our campsite. We weren't sure if the site was private, provided by the landowner, or public. We learned it was public, but the couple who live next door do some volunteer maintenance. We ended up visiting with Theresa and Ron many of the days we were there. They were often out working or sometimes taking a break at their picnic table when we "came home."


They've spent years creating a beautiful landscape around their house with a large pond, waterfall, barns, flower gardens and rockscapes. They are folks who just enjoy country life. Two horses, four goats, Patch the dog, several cats, and a pond full of "koip"- Theresa's nickname for fish that are half koi half carp. Ron likes to tinker with machines, and Theresa gardens and quilts in the winter. Nice folks. You'll see their beautiful horses here eventually.


Another day, we were just putting out one of the cars, and the head and shoulders of a serious hiker with walking sticks and a backpack appeared over a rise in the road. Soon the rest of him came into view and, of course, we had to stop him to visit and ask what he was doing. He was keeping in shape to soon return to the Appalachian Trail to finish a thru-hike he's doing there to support Parkinson's Research. His name is Don Havener. His wife Kathie supports him with a mini RV.

Later that day we stopped at his home (per his suggestion) and visited some more. You can see his blog at Gen524


Marie likes visiting with random people more than I do, but these two encounters will remain with me. Nice folks. Amazing how you can usually find some if you take advantage of opportunities.

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Ann said...

How awesome that you made new friends while you were out there. I can tell from that first picture that they enjoy gardening.

Secondary Roads said...

What a beautiful place is Theresa and Ron's.

Lin said...

I'm not big on getting the story of strangers, but sometimes people just come into your life and you end up getting to know them. Nice that you found some new friends. :)