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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Area Two, and a Bonus

Today was an absolutely perfect fall day. They don't get any better than this. Perfect temperature, crisp yet warmish air, blue sky, sun, light breeze.

I wasn't going to do autumn pictures again today. Started walking out from the house. Went back for the camera. I simply couldn't not picture the trees by the cemetery. Here's the long view. These are the bonus.

autumn colors

Everything was glowing with the sun shining through.

autumn colors

autumn colors

Even the milkweed was beautiful. The breeze picked up some of the seeds each time it passed. They looked like fireflies!

milkweed fluff

Oh, area two? I got another section of the lawn hacked down. So far so good. Supposed to rain Saturday, but I should be able to get some more done. This section had long, soft grass that didn't whack well. So it's really rough. Even so, it will make the mowing easier next year. I really have to get the mower going in the spring. Can't let it go two years in a row or it won't be worth doing ever again.

yard work

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Lin said...

Oh, it is so darn lovely! Does it matter if you don't mow? I sort of like the "natural" look!

Ann said...

so pretty. When I think of the perfect place to hang out it looks a lot like your pictures.

Secondary Roads said...

Love that milkweed scene.