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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today, Words are Better than Pictures

It's hard to believe that I'm willing to admit that the pictures just can't capture today well at all.

It was one of those perfect days when the air is cool and the sun warm. The kind of day that energizes me. I worked in the morning at the paper, but got one load of clothes on the line before 8 am. I realize this is probably rather ordinary for many of you. Not me. I get a pat on the head for that.


In the afternoon, I got another load of clothes done (I love drying clothes outside), some yard work (like a drop in the bucket of what should be done), and also picked a few berries (autumn olive).



I also took some pictures of something small and green. Stay tuned!

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Lin said...

Small and green? Is it a frog???! :)

I love clothes dried on the line too. And sheets too!

Ann said...

I used to hang clothes out on the line years ago. I don't even have poles up any more. Towels were the one thing that no matter what they had to go in the dryer

vanilla said...

The clothesline picture captures the day. I can almost feel the sun on my shoulders and the cool breeze ruffling my hair.

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