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Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Make Cleaning Less Distasteful

In preparation for painting and (perhaps) other sprucing up, several of us were asked if we would like some extra work deep cleaning the bathrooms at work.

Here is a solid truth- The downside of cleaning even really grubby things is ameliorated considerably by being paid for it! And in Michigan, the minimum wage went up to $8.50 by law on Jan 1. I'm up to making 2/3 of what my hourly wage was 25 years ago. Tell me the economy is doing well. Right. (sorry for the diversion)

And working with friends is a big plus, too.

dirty floor

Let me reassure you. These rooms are cleaned regularly by the custodian. It's just that the ink from everyone's hand, clothes, and shoes also permeates the air and settles into everything.

Alicia demonstrates what we were able to get up off of a clean tile floor with heavy-duty cleaner and a scrub brush. Notice that there is no black line along the top or lower edge of the baseboard now.

dirty floor

Four of us worked for three and a half hours and got the rooms really clean. We washed the walls, and scrubbed the floors twice. Even after we thought we had the tile clean, going over it again released even more of the black grime.

Here's some more good news. For the first time in months, there is no residual newspaper ink under my nails!

clean nails

"It was kind of fun," Alicia said. I have to agree.

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Ann said...

Money is always a good incentive. Looks like you guys did a great job. That bathroom looks spic and span

vanilla said...

Clean nails: big-time bonus!

Secondary Roads said...

That clean-up task was not a trivial exercise. Clean nails and a paycheck are great extras.

Lin said...

WOW! GREAT job on cleaning! It's nice that you had help and that they were positive about the job too. Good help with a crummy job always makes it more tolerable.

RNSANE said...

Hello from a long lost friend. The sling is finally off my right arm after six long weeks and, while I am still having to be protective of my new shoulder a bit, I am typing up a frenzy.

It looks like you did a masterful job of power cleaning. Getting paid for it is a real incentive. I've never minded cleaning. Ironing was always my downfall.

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