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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What Would Eat a Gas Can?

Today's post is a mixture of accomplishments and the inexplicable.

I just plain got lucky that we haven't had enough snow yet to be a problem. A few inches, but Om and I both could make it up the driveway. However, I knew that this afternoon was quite likely to be my last chance to get the snowblower ready to roll, in any sort of comfortable weather conditions.

So... I went to get the gas can and take it to be filled with hi-test. This blower runs very well, but only if you feed it the good stuff.

Imagine my surprise to find that something has chewed through the top of the can. What???!!! A rabbit? Something else? Why? The marks are too big for mice (although they will eat almost anything, I'm convinced).

gas can

Therefore, the next step was to go to the store to get a new gas can. I've hated this can from the beginning because it meets the new EPA regulations that supposedly keep it from allowing gas vapors to escape to the environment. But it's impossible to pour from without spilling some, so I've always thought the net effect on the environment was not to the good. Anyway.

The new gas can is worse. It will be altered with a knife to even make it possible to pour from. So much for the EPA.

Back to the task at hand. I did get the snowblower started. I did get the tires inflated to the correct pressure. I did get the chute gear greased. I did run up and down the drive once to take down the center hump (although it's supposed to start raining tomorrow which should fix that, but I didn't want it to turn to ice).

So that is my big accomplishment.


In other news, I thought, after seeing my clean fingernails the other day, you might like to see why I don't have them very often. This is right after my shift at the paper, before I washed. But even washing with the commercial stuff they provide, clean isn't really an option

dirty hand

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Secondary Roads said...

That's an interesting mystery regarding "who chew?" Insanity reigns. Modern containers have to modified these day if they are to be used by mere mortals.

Lin said...

Weird. I wonder who got a taste of gas fumes????

Isn't it maddening how "improvements" make things worse. ugh.

The Furry Gnome said...

Can't believe they ate into the gas can! But you have to have those things ready to run!

Ann said...

looks like whatever has been snacking on the gas can had some good size teeth.
I hate those new cans. I'm always spilling when I try and fill the mower
I would probably be going home with black all over my face too from an itchy nose, eye or brushing hair out of my face

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i am pritty shoor my sister saya wood choo on a gas kan!!! i wil see if she kan akkownt for her wareabowts wen this happend i bet she kannot!!! ok bye