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Monday, August 29, 2016

"I'm a Good Girl, I Am"

No, not Eliza Doolittle. Jade. Jade the dog.

white German shepherd

You've met Jade before (called Whitey for a very short time when Ester first got her).

She really likes to do a lot of this. She's the calmest dog I think I've ever seen.

white German shepherd

But she's mine for two weeks now. Ester's kayaking trip is going well. Every day I get GPS coordinates and a short message from her brother's Spot unit. They've paddled far from where they put in, and today they said, "Everything's fine. We're having a great time around Caribou Lake."

I'm trying to get Jade and me on the two walk a day regimen I always had with my other dogs.

white German shepherd

She's good with the short morning walk, but poops out near the end of the afternoon walk, which isn't even a mile. But she hasn't been getting much exercise. And Ester has no idea how old she is. If she was the age her former owner said, she'd be 11 now, but that doesn't make any sense. Sure, she's not high energy, but she doesn't act or look like an old dog.

Anyway, we are having fun. And, Ester loaned me her vacuum to deal with the white dog hair!

white German shepherd

Perhaps she'll have more stamina after two weeks of walks.

See Jade doing support crew duty
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Ann said...

Sounds like Jade is an excellent house guest.

shelly said...

She's purdy.

Unknown said...

She looks like a great namesake for my own dog. My Jade has some white on her, mixed up with the orange of her Blenheim colouring.