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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Saved by the Clouds, and Ester

The rain mostly ended during the night. I was afraid that meant we were in for a hot day today. But the cloud cover stuck around.


I only walked the last 2.5 miles in hot sun. I have to say that for taking my chances on a hike in Ohio in August, I really had it good. I'll take rain over heat any day. I was afraid it might be so hot I'd have to give up on my mileage goal, but all went well.

Also, my one physical concern was due to the fact that the last time I walked this many miles on almost nothing but pavement, I came home with a stress fracture. This time, the legs were fine. Well, OK, sore feet and some aching calves toward the end of each day, but nothing out of line.

Ester met me for lunch with a real treat- COLD SALAD. Yummers. Added a few carbs and I was good to go for the last 5.5 miles.

Lots more corn and soybeans. How about some grass in the sun?


I thought the most interesting parts of the day might be the utility company installing poles, or the paving machine doing a road width in one pass. However, just one mile before the end, I got a real treat.

Jim Gilkey, who organizes hikes for the Buckeye Trail Association, had heard from the utility guys that there was a lady hiking the trail. I had stopped to talk with them for a few minutes. So he tracked me down. He found me when I had less than a mile to go for the entire day!

He had helped me spot myself on a hike in southern Ohio many years ago. Very cool.

Ester was already at the end point and she saw a truck stop and came to check and make sure I wasn't being harassed. Instead we all had a good talk and took lots of pictures.


I got on the trail at 8:12 in the morning, and finished the hike at 2:40, even with the visiting. 15.1 miles today, 62.6 miles total for the four days. Not too shabby for an old gal.

Ester and I showered (thank goodness, I was REALLY stinky) and headed home by way of the interesting diner from the first day. We had ice cream and ordered big salads to go. Then we stopped at a park to eat them so Jade (the dog) wouldn't be left in the car. Pardon the selfie, but we were just so happy, we don't care how goofy it looks.


Then we did one of our favorite things- just worked our way to her house on back roads looking at interesting houses and historical monuments.

I have to leave here early (for me) in the morning to be back home in time to work. Play time over for this trip, but SO good.

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Secondary Roads said...

That grass looks a bit like timothy, but I've never seen it fuzzy like that. Do you know what it is? It sure is good to have friends.

Ann said...

I can't imagine walking that many miles in one day let alone the 62 you did for the 4 days.
I like your selfie, it shows two happy ladies :)