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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fire in the Sky

You could say, "oh, just another sunset," but I'm not going to apologize.

It's been gray here for days and days. No sunrises, no sunsets, just gray. After I took a cold uninspiring walk, I was sitting in my chair doing computer stuff when a blast of orange light shot through the window. Ran out with the camera and this is what I saw. Not bad!


We played handbells this morning too. The video isn't that great. I may post it or not. Meh.

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Ratty said...

Good stuff. I like a good sunset. As you probably know, I never really got to see any decent sunsets when I was in Michigan until now that I live away from the city. I always had buildings blocking everything.

The Furry Gnome said...

Given the weather I've seen the past two weeks, that's a fabulous sunset!

Ann said...

I would never say "just another sunset". Each one is unique and beautiful in it's own way. Plus it's been gray here for too many days now too and I'm craving some color.

Secondary Roads said...

Isn't it glorious? It's been over a month since I brought out my astronomical binoculars for some viewing and haven't had a good viewing night since.

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